Connecting individuals, organisations
and communities to help each other

Foresters is now a B corporation

B Corps are a new type of company that uses the power of business to solve social and environmental problems.

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Social Enterprise Finance Fund Now Open

The Fund is designed to support the growth and development of social enterprises. 

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Did you know?

Around 16.9% of the Australian adult population is financially excluded.

Finance for Individuals

If you're unable to access loan finance from a mainstream financial institution or bank, Foresters may have the right loan product for you.

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Car Care Loan

Ideal for registration, new tyres and repairs.

DisAbility Loan

Ideal for car modification, house modification, as well as aides and equipment.

Personal Loan

Ideal for car purchase, moving house, emergencies, unexpected expenses and debt consolidation.

QuickstART Loan

A no interest commercial loan for individual artists, groups and creative practitioners.


Ideal for white goods, unexpected expenses and educational expenses.

Education Loan

Ideal for tuition fees, text books, computers and school trips.

Work Ready Loan

Ideal tools, uniforms, transport and trade tickets.

Micro Enterprise Loan

Ideal for business development purposes, equipment purchase and marketing expenses.

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The Journey Towards Financial Inclusion

Foresters is about more than just issuing loans. It’s about assisting individuals to understand their financial position and how to improve it. By delivering affordable and accessible microfinance products in an understanding and compassionate manner, they are able to assist people on their journey towards financial participation.
Financial participation can make a real difference in people’s lives. Foresters clients, are nurtured throughout the loan application process and get the much needed support they need to get their lives back on track.

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Did you know?

Close to 41% of small and medium-sized enterprises find it hard to access finance.

Finance for Organisations

Foresters provides community finance loans for social enterprises and non-profit organisations who are looking to grow and develop.

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Business Development Loan

Loans are available for website design and development or equipment purchases such as business vehicle, stock or any other worthwhile purpose.

Emerging Social Enterprise Loan

Loans are available for social enterprises in their early stage of development in order to get a great idea to the next stage.

Property Loan

Loans are available for land and building purchases, building construction, building refurbishment and property refinance.

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Investing in the Community

A central focus of the Organisational Finance program is to develop strategies to enable organisations to strengthen their financial and social sustainability. This is just one of the reasons why the Murilla Community Centre decided to work with Foresters.
Foresters was able to develop a tailored loan that suited the needs of the Murilla Community Centre, helping them to achieve their community development objectives.
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Did you know?

Nearly 3 million investors could consider social investment within the next year.

Information for Investors

Foresters has developed a range of social investment products for investors who are seeking a financial and social return.

Social Investment Australia Ltd ACN 127 962 976 Australian Financial Services Licence number 339844 is a division of Foresters Community Finance Ltd.

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Social Enterprise Finance Fund.


Community Finance Fund – Social Enterprise.


Early Stage Social Enterprise Fund.


Community Finance Fund Non-Profit.


Elderly Parent Carer Innovation Fund.

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Balancing the Social Good and Financial Return on Investment

Being a social investor is not always easy, even with the assistance of an intermediary. John believes it is important to balance the social good with the financial return on investment.
It is a new opportunity for investors from all walks of life. Social investment is one element of the investment environment, generally it is investment in property assets, but it is an investment that brings about social change.
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